Airchecks: Most listeners knew KSAN through its deejays, who stamped their shows with their personalities, evidenced through their musical selections and comments.

Live Performances: KSAN's KSAN broadcast hundreds of exclusive live and recorded performances by the top bands and artists, and some eclectic groups on their way to the top.

The KSAN IDs: What do Country Joe, Dan Hicks, the Pointer Sisters, Commander Cody, Carol Doda and many more have in common? They all created station IDs for KSAN.

Commercials : KSAN prided itself on creating its own commercials, tailoring ads to its listeners. Tom Donahue banned jingles, and national accounts were frequently rewritten by the staff, including the infamous Binaca spot, which won a Clio--unbeknownst to the folks at Binaca.

Interviews: Elvis Costello's first stateside interview at KSAN, an experience he said spoiled him for all the interviews that followed. Free-flowing and wide-ranging, KSAN deejays conducted interviews like conversations, putting artists, politicians, spiritualists, psychiatrists, and social leaders at ease.

Stories and Specials: Tom Donahue believed a station had a duty to serve its community. KSAN fulfilled that in part by providing documentaries and programs that addressed political and social issues.


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Audio Notes

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