KSAN was, as far as we know, the originator of the dramatized station break. Over the years, the station acquired an incredible collection. KSAN IDs were much more than the call letters and city of license that the FCC required. They were a unique art form, created for the fun of it. The IDs ran the gamut from Voco's classic "Backwards Echo," and Paul Boucher's "Station That's All High" jingle to Dan Hicks original jingles, Cheech & Chong, The Firesign Theatre, Herb Caen, Bob Marley, Old And In The Way, John Prine, Dr. John, Bill Graham, The Pointer Sisters and on and on. Musicians, comedians and listeners got into the game and created some gems. Please contribute any not found on this menu and we will add them to the collection. 

Voco: One of the first spots, featuring  Abe Kesh's elecronic wizardry.

Dan Hicks: Spots by Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks.

Hop: Famed Hop Harrigan spot.

Decent Radio: KSAN, the solution to rampant immorality.

Cody: Spot featuring Commander Cody and His Lost Airmen.

Old  and in the Way: A series of spots composed by Old and in the Way, a bluegrass ensemble composed of Jerry Garcia, Peter Rowan, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, and John Kahn.

Sisters: Acapella performances by the Pointer Sister.

Prine Time: John Prine improvises a couple of spots.

Graham Man: Bill Graham gets a tad cheeky.

Breakfast for Two: Original spot by Country Joe.

Zapped: Frank Zappa praises KSAN.

Sleazy: A little blues and a little sleaze.

Caen: On-the-street endorsement from Chronicle columnist Herb Caen.

S&M: Spot featuring  Roland Jacopetti and Trish Regan.

HELP!: Terry McGovern and opera singer.

John Denver: Imitation of the country legend.

Russian: Praise from our Slovak friends.

Swamee: Pearls from the East.

Peck's Collection: Timothy Peck has collected over 70 ID samples.

Spots I: Featuring Dan Hicks, Dr. John, Dr. Hook, Commander Cody, Pointer Sisters, Henry Gibson, Carol Doda, Bill Graham, and more.