Career Academy Tom Donahue on Career Academy.

Behind the Scenes
Listen to multiple rehearsals of an ad for The Record Factory.

Airline Hi-Jack featuring the Congress of Wonders for Bluebeard's Boots

Victor Moscoso University Art Museum show of Victor Moscoso's 60-foot cartoon ad for KSAN.

Ad Agency featuring the Congress of Wonders for Bluebeard's Boots

Woman Cutting a Man's Hair featuring Jeff Nemorovsky and Roland Jacopetti for Mr. Broadway

Leprechaun featuring the Congress of Wonders for Bluebeard's Boots

Image Change featuring Roland Jacopetti for Mr. Broadway

Metro Parking featuring Whitney Harris, Jeff Nemorovsky, and Roland Jacopetti for Downtown Parking

Binaca The revised Binaca spot that won a Clio--to the surprise of the client.

Ad Spots I Includes Oui Magazine, Topps and Trowsers,Taco Bell, Jeff's Jeans, Boot Hook, and the Brass Boot.

Ad Spots II Includes Frank Zappa, Mr. Broadway, The Dead Cow, Qantas, and The Town's Criers.

Ad Spots III Includes album ads for The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Byrds, Procul Harum, Blue Cheer, Phil Ochs, and Donovan.

Ad Spots IV Includes Mr. Broadway, The Music Box, Music Odyssey, Channel 2 Flicks, Ratskellar Restaurant.

Ad Spots V Includes Music Odyssey, Marineworld, King Waterbed, The Wherehouse, The Accent, and Banana Records.

Ad Spots VI Includes The Record Factory, Macy's, Timothy Leary, Newport Festival, Joni Mitchell, and John Renbourne.

Ad Spots VII Includes The Cathedral clothing store, the hungry i, Beggar's Banquet, White Front, The Lion in Winter, and Far-Fetched Foods.

Ad Spots VIII Includes KNEW TV, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sears, The Knack, Youngbloods, Evelyn Wood speed reading, and Kenmore sewing machines.

Ad Spots IX Includes Discount Records, Magical Mystery Tour, PSA Airlines, Straight Theater, Blue Shield Insurance, Led Zeppelin.

Ad Spots X Includes The Matrix, Fillmore West, Verve Records, Town and Country Music Center, and the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation.

Ad Spots XI Includes Savoy Brown, Chess Records, Sweet Baby James, Jean's West, and The Brighton Express.

Ad Spots XII Includes Auto Italiano, CSN&Y, Argent, Miles Davis, Allan Ginsberg, Ike and Tina Turner Revue, and The Buddy Rich Band.

Ad Spots XIII Includes Evelyn Wood, Mr. Broadway, the Incredible String Band,Alan Watts, and B.B. King.

Ad Spots XIV Includes Jesus Christ Superstar, American Beauty, Doobie Brothers, Music Odyssey, Columbia Records, Marat/Sade, Neptune Waterbeds.

Ad Spots XV Includes Milhous, Sylvester at The Palace Theater, Canada Dry, The Record Factory, Roos-Atkins, and Tower Records.

Ad Spots XVI Includes JJ Cale, The Band, Undulator Waterbeds, Nina Simone, Coast Magazine, and Badfinger.

Ad Spots XVII Includes San Remo Shoes, Mr. Natural, Linda Ronstadt, Divine at The Palace Theater, Rather Ripped Records, and Hippo Hamburger Restaurant.

Ad Spots XVIII Includes Bell Potato Chips, Leopold's Records, benefit concert for San Francisco County Jail system, The Boarding House, Tower of Power.

Ad Spots XIX Includes Keystone Korner, Concerts for McGovern, North Beach Photographic Arts Fair, Impulse Records, and Waterbed Experience.

Ad Spots XX Includes Randy Newman, Undulator Waterbeds, Head Shampoo, Hot Tuna, Wells Fargo, and American Savings and Loan Association.