News was a critical component of the success of the Jive 95. The "gnus" team, (as Dave McQueen liked to call it) gave both the facts and intelligent analysis and commentary, delivered in the same relaxed mode as the DJs. For many years, the team was directed by Dave McQueen and Larry Lee. Other reporters and news directors included Larry Bensky, Danice Bordett, Joanne Greene, Joyce Shank, Peter Laufer, Travus T. Hipp, Glenn Howell, Greg Morris, Marshall Phillips,  Jack Popejoy and Chris Stanley. The News team became part of the SLA story when the Symbionese Liberation Army chose KSAN to receive tapes from Patty Hearst. 

The team accrued numerous awards for reporting, including the prestigious Armstrong Award in 1975 for a special on the San Quentin uprising. In addition to regular air reports, the team produced many specials, interviewing the major newsmakers of the day and probing for answers when none were forthcoming. Among their notable efforts were The Watergate Follies, Killer Weed, special reports on the Kent State massacre, the 1968 Democratic Convention, the Chicago Seven trial, the International Hotel eviction, Evil Knieval's infamous Snake River Canyon "jump" and numerous other documentaries and features. 



Dave McQueen's history of the KSAN Gnus Team

The Symbionese Liberation Army 

International Hotel eviction with Danice Bordett 8-4-77

Joyce Shank remembers

The Watergate Follies

Killer Weed


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McQueen, Morris, Laufer, Duck

       TrevusT.Hip           Joanne Greene and Chris Stanley               Larry Lee                             Scoop Nisker                              Larry Bensky                                    


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .  .                                                                                                                                              Larry Lee & Dave McQueen


Marshall Phillips gets busted 1981

Marshall Phillips announces the switch to country music 1981


"Scoop is the missing link between sit-down meditation and stand-up comedy."    ----- Paul Krassner

Wes 'Scoop' Nisker



Scoop Nisker news 1968
Scoop news November 1968
Scoop week before election
News November 5, 1968

News April, 1969
Bob Postle  4-15-69

Scoop Nisker  4-16-69
Scoop Nisker  4-17-69
Scoop  "Conspiracy"
Scoop  "Seven Days In May"
Scoop & Larry Lee  
(Chicago 7 trial) 2-16-70

Larry Lee  5-29-74

Randy Alfred's Gay Life


Scoop at the Consciousness Conference  (raw tape)
Scoop at The Exorcist  (raw tape)
News - Danice Bordett  2-77


Thanksgiving  1977 -  Scoop
Scoop Nisker after Sex Pistols show 1-16-78  
10th anniversary collage
Scoop Nisker's "A Decade In Your Ear" a review of the 70's  Pt 1  
Pt 2

Actor Daryl Henriques played many satirical roles in skits created for KSAN news. Here are a few of the best: 

Guru Refu-Gi
Space Farmers
Nixon at a Be-In in G.G. Park  (a classic)
Cak-Cle-Ack  1976


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