Joyce Shank's Memories of KSAN

I remember being terrified that KSAN was the hippest, coolest place in town, and here I come, not hip at all. I remember people liking me lots more when they found out where I worked. I remember the tight little KSAN t-shirt I wore like a badge of courage.

I arrive and run into Nemo whom I had known from college days. I learn how to rip newswire. I learn how to splice tape. I learn how to blast into the studio with McGovern flipping around like a ceiling fan and somehow manage to do serious KSAN news when I'd rather have been a ceiling fan, too.

I remember free alterations at Fresh Pants. I remember Ron Kovics coming into the Sutter Street studio in his wheelchair, telling me he was going to write a book about his life in Vietnam...(turned into Born on the Fourth of July with Tom Cruise)...Scoop saying 'ifyou don't like the news, go out and make some of your own'.

Of course the concerts, Todd Rundgren, the Stones, BB King.

But most of all, apart from all the wild tales, I remember how much fun we had. How we each just lived for the moment, how optimistic we were. It was like we were a new way, we were way cool and knew it, even flaunted it. It was like for one brief shining moment we were the way. A universe unto ourselves. Surrounded by so much talent, so much energy and a way to put it out to the universe thanks to the tower, the equipment and radio waves.

It was and shall be one of my favorite time slots on the planet.