Milan Melvin, who created -- as usual -- a spectacular, fun and productive scene for himself and others in this tropical escape in recent years, has passed away. He left the following message:

Dear Family and Friends,

Please be informed that I have crossed over to the other side or as some say "gone paws up" or "assumed room temperature".  It was a Hellaciously painful six-month ordeal for me, made tolerable by your kind words and warm wishes.
Not knowing, of course, what's on the other side, I promise you that if  there is anything ever in eternity that I can do for you from there, I'll get it done. But if the Tibetan Buddhists have it right, I'll be back around after forty-nine days for another go at learning the lessons I flunked this time. Look for the little boy in the Cowboy and Indian pajamas with the pith helmet and safari jacket and know that Expedition Melvin rides again!

In closing, let me ask that you think of me as having a First Class seat on the non-stop Bullet Train to the greatest Mystery and the grandest Adventure of all.


And love,



(last photos of Milan)