Bob Postle remembers Tom:

The first time I saw Tom Donahue was when he walked into the lobby of KMPX with about three other people…Tom always moved in a group. I was doing the morning air shift which was a mix of middle of the road and foreign language…(I actually had a Portuguese/American show, which of course, aired during the Portuguese language block. Anyway, Tom wore a black suit with a paisley tie. Needless to say, he filled the room. Larry Miller was doing the midnight to six shift playing rock. Larry played guitar and jammed with the local bands. About six months later, I was still doing the morning shift and Tom brought in Bob McClay to follow me and Tony Pigg to do the afternoon slot. I had about two years experience in radio…soooo. One Friday, at the end of my shift, Tom walked into the control room, handed me a check and said , "sorry man" and fired me. About 5 months later, I was at home around 10:30 PM, listening to Tom on KMPX. The phone rang. It was Tom and he said, "Bobby, can you do midnight to six?" I said, "when?" He said, "tonight." "Sure!" I said with heart pounding.